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March 30, 2021

Dream Lands and Rock Bands (ep. 24)

This week we're joined by Jerry Marotta, world-renowned drummer, producer, and composer. Jerry has played with artists including Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Orleans, and Indigo Girls.
Guest bartender is Maren Nazera Erickson, who shares with us an incredible spin on a pina colada and she and Keith explain how fat-washing works.


March 19, 2021

Do Only Good Everyday (ep. 23)

Billy Markus, the co-founder and creator of Dogecoin, joins me at the virtual bar as we talk all things Doge and so much more.  Our guest bar segment (1:28:30) is on location for the first time ever, as we record at Wild East Brewing Co in Brooklyn, NY.  

Venmo for guest bartender: @thekicksandkegs




March 13. 2021

Speed Racks and Mardi Gras (ep. 22)

After a short hiatus, we're back with two incredible guests. First, we have Lynnette Marrero, co-founder of the all-female bartending competition Speed-Rack. She talks with us about "Nevertheless, She Persisted" - a series of panels taking place right now during Women's (Her)story Month, hosted by Speed-Rack in partnership with Branca USA. She also talks about the formation of Speed-Rack, their recently-launched mentorship program, and the importance of always being ready and willing to learn, teach, and make connections, especially within the hospitality industry.

Guest Bartender is Neal Bodenheimer, incredibly talented bartender and owner of CureCo., which is comprised of acclaimed bars and restaurants Cure, Cane & Table, and Vals. He's also the co-chair of the Board of Directors for Tales of the Cockail. We talk with him about TOTC's Mardi Gras Gives grant initiative, share some optimism about the future of the hospitality industry post-pandemic, and Neal walks us through his version of a St. Charles Punch.




February 8, 2021

Parler and Pop-Ups (ep. 21)

Keith talks with the mods of r/parlerwatch -- u/rootoo and occasionally u/thefisharezombies & u/alphap -- about a range of topics, from how some average republicans became exposed to far-right ideologies and “Q,” to freedom of speech and the importance of maintaining mental health while learning about some of the darker spaces and rhetoric on the Internet. 

Guest bartender is Caer Maiko, an award-winning bartender based in Austin, TX. She talks with us about Daijoubu, the “super Asian cocktail pop up” she created with Sharon Yeung, and shares with us some of her favorite Asian-inspired cocktails.


January 24, 2021

TMark's Got Style, (Le) Crocodile! (ep. 20)

After a crazy couple first weeks of 2021, we wanted to have a relaxed, fun episode. This week, Keith talked with TMark (Terrel Marcus), Bronx-born and raised fashion designer, sneaker collector, and hip hop enthusiast. He and Keith take a deep dive into these topics, and talk about their love for Jay-Z and The Yankees.

Guest bartender is Rafa Garcia Febles, NYC-based bartender and sommelier who most recently was manager and sommelier at Le Crocodile at the Wythe Hotel. He shares with us "The Veracruz" - a cocktail that features a white wine.


January 17, 2021

Talking Politics (ep. 19)

For our first episode of the new year, we brought in Jessica DeLoach—a political and communications strategist who has been dubbed the “most seasoned millennial Democrat in American broadcast punditry.” She and Keith discuss some of the political challenges our country has been facing lately. There’s obviously a lot to talk about there, so stop reading this description and press play!

Guest bartender is Boston-born-and-based bartender Luke Graham. He and Keith talk about their ideas to reopen some of their favorite shuddered bars, and Luke shares with us his “Spaghetti Western” cocktail.


December 21, 2020

Found Photos and Angostura Shots (ep. 18)

We first discovered this episode’s guest when Keith found a mysterious photo inside a book he bought at Rough Draft bookstore in Kingston, NY. It was a portrait of a man, hand-numbered on the back and a stamp that read “Unique Photograph / Fred Cray.”

We, of course, did some research and found that this truly was a one-of-a-kind photo, hand-placed in this book by our neighbor, Brooklyn-based artist Fred Cray.

In this episode, Fred talks with us about his Unique Photographs project (through which he’s left hundreds of thousands of unique photos across the world), the “fingerprints” project he has coming out soon, and why he hasn’t been taking photos of people wearing masks.

Guest bartender is the fun and entertaining Daniyel Jones, Global Brand Ambassador for House of Angostura. He shares with Keith his passion for rum and Angostura bitters and spirits, and makes a couple old fashioned variations for us. 


November 16, 2020

Wear A Mask, So I Can Go Back To Work (ep. 17)

After a long week and a half, we’re back with episode 17! This week we have comedian, actor, magician, writer, musician (check out “H.A.D” with Chris Redd) and current Host of HQ Trivia, Matt Richards. Matt talks with Keith about how he got his start in comedy and film, his experience working with Snoop Dogg when he lived in LA, and the great SNL audition he recently had.

Guest Bartender is Devin McIntire, a former bartender and server in both Durham, NC and Washington D.C. He shares with us a tequila-mezcal cocktail he created a few years ago, and he and Keith talk about some of their favorite bargain spirits.


October 30, 2020

Batched Cocktails #2


The second edition of our Batched Cocktails episodes! A concise recap of all the cocktails from episodes 9-15.

Click the "listen" button below to see Instagram and Venmo handles for each of the bartenders!

Don't forget to tip your bartenders... and we'll see y'all at the bar.


October 24, 2020

Mara Davis and Laura Kelton: Adults Swim and Bars Tend (ep. 15)

We're joined this week by Adult Swim talent booker and radio personality (among many other things) Mara Davis. In addition to bonding over Jason Isbell, Mara and Keith discuss what her role with Adult Swim entails, her new podcast with GA 6th District Senator Jen Jordan, and why her interview with Adele is likely her favorite she's ever done.

Guest Bartender is Chicago-based Laura Kelton. Laura shares with us an incredible spin on a Negroni and talks about Support Staff, her non-profit organization whose goal is to bridge the gap between mental health and the hospitality industry.


October 16, 2020

Adaja Cooper and Linda Garcia: Murals and Mixers (ep. 14)

 We’re joined by Adaja Cooper, an incredibly talented artist based out of Little Rock, AR. Her first ever mural, “Ain’t I A Woman?” (named after the Sojourner Truth speech) — a beautiful piece created in tribute to the adversities women of color face far too frequently — was vandalized twice, and restored twice. We talk to her about her reaction to the vandalism and the community of artists who rallied around her through it, why she hated drawing class in school, and the challenges she faced painting a mural for the first time.

Keith also teaches Adaja a little bit about Little Rock’s cheese dip history.

Guest bartender is Linda Garcia — mixologist, Certified Specialist of (both) Wine and Spirits (CSW, CSS), and former culinary school student. She talks about the virtual happy hours she hosts for La Boudoir, the cocktail mixer company she started during the shutdown, and shares with us an award-winning cocktail she made for Westward Whiskey.


October 9, 2020

Tommy Siegel: I Hope This Jukebox Helps (ep. 13)

Tommy Siegel - founding member of indie-pop band Jukebox the Ghost and artist/author of a brand new book of quirky comics - joins us on The UB Podcast. He’s recently garnered a significant amount of attention from his funny, culturally-relevant comics, having been shared by some of the biggest Instagram meme accounts and publications such as the Washington Post. 

He and Keith talk about his new book, “I Hope This Helps: Comics and Cures for 21st-Century Panic”, why he left drawing comics for a decade, and (as a bonus) some of the best spots to hike and camp in upstate New York.  To kick off the fall, Keith shares with us his pumpkin pie martini recipe - one that was featured by FOX 5 New York a couple years back.


October 2, 2020

Gray Whales and Waxing Moons (ep. 12)

Jan and Marsh Mokhtari - the creators of Gray Whale Gin - join us on this episode of The Unemployed Bartender Podcast. Keith talks with them about how and why they created Gray Whale Gin, what they've been doing to help bartenders during the shutdown, and both Jan and Marsh's very interesting backgrounds (including the conversation he had with Keanu Reeves on the set of a pretty popular movie series).

Guest Bartender is Thea Engst (tay-uh angst), a longtime Boston bartender, bar manager, and author of the book "Drink Like a Bartender," which was one of Forbes Magazine's best booze books in 2017. She shares with us a "witchy" fall-inspired version of a Manhattan.


September 25, 2020

Unlimited Suns and Breadsticks (ep. 11)

Michael Walchalk — graphic designer, illustrator for sports statistics website StatMuse.com, and self-proclaimed failed NBA player — joins The Unemployed Bartender on our 11th episode. He and Keith talk about some of his freelance design projects (which include clients such as ESPN, the Phoenix Suns, and 500 Level), and their shared love for basketball and Nintendo.
Guest bartender is Chanta Hunter, who is most likely the main attraction at the Times Square Olive Garden (aside from the unlimited breadsticks, that is). She shares with us her “lunchbox” mommy margarita that can very, very easily be made at home.


September 17th, 2020

Negroni Week (ep. 10)

It's Negroni Week! To celebrate, we invited two incredibly talented and respected industry professionals to talk about the history of the Negroni and their favorite variations. Anne Louise Marquis is the National Portfolio Brand Ambassador for Campari America (and a circus school drop out). Our Guest Bartender is Samantha Casuga, the co-head bartender at The Dead Rabbit in NYC and the NYC Brand Ambassador for Chareau Aloe Liqueur.


September 10, 2020

Harlem's Knights (ep. 09)

This week, we're joined by model and actor Fazon Gray. He and Keith talk about Fazon's first paid modeling job in Turkey, being flown out to LA by Roc Nation for a D'USSE campaign, and his plan to create full photo shoots for kids to teach them about the many facets of the industry they otherwise may not have been exposed to, both in front of and behind the lens.
Guest Bartender Shane Smith talks about his cocktail delivery business and shares with us a hibiscus daiquiri he made for Hendrick's Gin. (Guest Bartender segment @ 57:38)


September 4, 2020

Batched Cocktails #1 (ep. 08)


After every 7 episodes, we'll be giving you a cocktail recap episode: all the cocktails from our past 7 guest bartenders piled into one concise episode. When you make these cocktails, tag us (@theubpodcast) and the bartender who provided it, and we'll share it to our page!
Thanks to our guest bartenders Ezra Star (and Pam Wiznitzer), Herbie Gill, Ty Miller, J.R. Goleno, Nohelani Ader, and Joanna Carpenter. 



August 27, 2020

Collecting Candy and 86'ing the Barrier: Parts 1 and 2 (ep. 07)

One of the country's most respected candy historians and former editor for Marvel Comics’ X-Men series, Jason Liebig, joins Keith for this two-part episode. In part one, they talk about Jason’s background in the comic book industry and his jump from DC to Marvel, the TV show he hosted on the Cooking Channel, and a Disney movie that should have been.

Guest bartender Joanna Carpenter appears in part 2.


August 21, 2020

Pink Clouds and Green Chiles (ep. 06)

Claudi, the mastermind behind NYC’s favorite “imaginary band” Pinc Louds, joins Keith on The UB Podcast, where they talk about the influence living in New York City has on life and art, Claudi’s love for busking in the subway, and the art of jaywalking. Featuring guest bartender Nohelani Ader — head bartender at Albuquerque’s Safe House Distillery — who shares with us a cocktail using Safe House’s blueberry lavender-infused Teller vodka.


August 14, 2020

Pearl Divers and Pink Spiders (ep. 05)

Jamie White - owner of Nashville's Pearl Diver bar and guitarist in The Pink Spiders - joins Keith on The Unemployed Bartender Podcast for some interesting conversation and a not-so-lightning Lightning Round. They discuss the effects the shutdown has had on bar owners, Jamie's shutdown excursion to the middle of the desert, his new bar Lucky's 3 Star, and the cocktail culture of countries across the world. Featuring an extra special guest bartender.


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