Episode 16

Episode 16


The second edition of our Batched Cocktails episodes! After every 7 episodes, we'll be giving you a cocktail recap episode: all the cocktails from our past 7 guest bartenders piled into one concise episode.

When you make these cocktails, tag us (@theubpodcast) and the bartender who provided it, and we'll share it to our page!

Don’t forget to tip your bartenders!

Time of appearance, Instagram handles, and Venmo or Cashapp handles for each of the bartenders in this episode are below.

(0:46) - Ep. 09, “Harlem’s Knights” with Fazon Gray & guest bartender Shane Smith
Cocktail: Hendrick's Gin Hibiscus Daiquiri
*Instagram: @esquirebreez
*Venmo: @ssmith / Cashapp: $ssmoneybags

(6:30) - Ep. 10, “Negroni Week!” cocktail by guest Anne Louise Marquis
Cocktail: Coffee Negroni
*Instagram: @campariannesoda

(8:17) - Ep. 10, “Negroni Week!” cocktail by guest bartender Samantha Casuga
Cocktail: Horchata Negroni
*Instagram: @labonitafunk
*Venmo: @samantha-casuga

(12:12) - Ep. 11, “Unlimited Suns and Breadsticks” with Michael Walchalk and guest bartender Chanta Hunter
Cocktail: Mommy Lunchbox Margarita
*Instagram: @the.cocktail.nymph
*Venmo: @thecocktailnymph

(17:09) - Ep. 12, “Gray Whales and Waxing Moons” with Jan Livingston & Marsh Mokhtari and guest bartender Thea Engst
Cocktail: Witchy Fall-Inspired Manhattan
Instagram: @engstythea
Venmo: @thea-engst

(21:58) - Ep. 13, “I Hope This Jukebox Helps” with Tommy Siegel and cocktail by Keith Carter
Cocktail: Pumpkin Pie Martini
*Instagram: @keithacarter / @theubpodcast :)

(22:58) - Ep. 14, “Murals and Mixers” with Adaja Cooper and guest bartender Linda Garcia
Cocktail: Colores de Otoño
*Instagram: @latinarumlover / @endlessparadisecocktails
*Venmo: @endlessparadise

(29:58) - Ep. 15, “Adults Swim and Bars Tend” with Mara Davis and guest bartender Laura Kelton
Cocktail: Negroni-Boulevardier Riff
*Instagram: @lakelton / @pleasehustleresponsibly
Venmo: @laura-kelton

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