Episode 18

Episode 18

We first discovered this episode’s guest when Keith found a mysterious photo inside a book he bought at Rough Draft bookstore in Kingston, NY. It was a portrait of a man, hand-numbered on the back and a stamp that read “Unique Photograph / Fred Cray.”

We, of course, did some research and found that this truly was a one-of-a-kind photo, hand-placed in this book by our neighbor, Brooklyn-based artist Fred Cray.

In this episode, Fred talks with us about his Unique Photographs project (through which he’s left hundreds of thousands of unique photos across the world), the “fingerprints” project he has coming out soon, and why he hasn’t been taking photos of people wearing masks.

Guest bartender is the fun and entertaining Daniyel Jones, Global Brand Ambassador for House of Angostura. He shares with Keith his passion for rum and Angostura bitters and spirits, and makes a couple old fashioned variations for us. 


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