Episode 19

Episode 19

For our first episode of the new year, we brought in Jessica DeLoach—a political and communications strategist who has been dubbed the “most seasoned millennial Democrat in American broadcast punditry.” She and Keith discuss some of the political challenges our country has been facing lately. There’s obviously a lot to talk about there, so stop reading this description and press play! 

Guest bartender is Boston-born-and-based bartender Luke Graham. He and Keith talk about their ideas to reopen some of their favorite shuddered bars, and Luke shares with us his “Spaghetti Western” cocktail.



Jessica: @jessicaxan (Twitter)

Luke: @ontherocksorup (Instagram) 

Keith: @keithacarter (Instagram) / @keithcarter1981 (Twitter)

The UB Podcast: @theubpodcast (everywhere)

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