Episode 21

Episode 21

We decided to try out a couple new things for this very special episode: for one, it’s our first time having (well, trying to have) multiple guests on at once. And two, the guests of this episode wanted to remain anonymous. Joining us are the moderators of r/parlerwatch, a Reddit sub whose original purpose was to be a safe space for people to stay informed about what was happening on social media site Parler.

Keith talks with u/rootoo (and occasionally u/thefisharezombies and u/alphap) about a range of topics, from how some average republicans became exposed to far-right ideologies and “Q,” to freedom of speech and the importance of maintaining mental health while learning about some of the darker spaces and rhetoric on the Internet.

Guest bartender is Caer Maiko, an award-winning bartender based in Austin, TX. She talks with us about Daijoubu, the “super Asian cocktail pop up” she created with Sharon Yeung, and shares with us some of her favorite Asian-inspired cocktails.

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> @caermaiko @daijoubu.popup
> @keithacarter @theubpodcast

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